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glarn: The dpid database

Installing glarn

Glarn: The dpid database is a VM image. It is available on the HP SDN AppStore here. download the VM and run it in Oracle Virtual Box or on a VMware ESXi Server.

About Glarn

If you manage your phyical switches with HP's Intelligent Management Center, you have access to detailed information about each device. If these devices are also configured for SDN, then the HP VAN controller will know a little more. Glarn combines the information from IMC and the HP VAN SDN controller into a single editable database.

When using physical switches with openflow instances being managed by HP's IMC, the Network management system collects information like the System Contact name and location for each device. Inside the HP VAn SDN controller there is limited information about the switch a.k.a. a dpid or datpath identifier. Using glarn: the dpid database, the user can combine the information from the IMC server and the SDN controller and have m ore information available when attempting to implement changes in the openflow infrastructurte.

Here is a shot of the main screen

Additional installation instructions

Glarn User Guide