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Subway: Automated VxLANs!

Installing Subway

Subway: Is available at www.github.com/xod442/subway2.git

About Subway

You will need Arista's Cloud Vision Portal server up and running. Loging into subway will cause three databases to be initialized. One is for the inventory it gets from CVP. The other is a VxLAN database that stores all current VxLANs configured on the data center switches. The third is for credentials. Don't worry, it is dropped every session. The databases are mongodb and hold nested documents.

If you feel at any time you need to refresh the temporary databases then just reinitialize from the home screen. Create point to point tunnels and Subway will create CVP configlest and save them in CVP. Once in CVP they are applied to the swicthes and the VXLAN tunnels are programmed. Subway tracks all the changes to the FLOOD LISTS. Relax, you don't have to.


Here is a shot of the main screen